Pre & Post Natal Care:

Many women suffer from musculoskeletal pain during pregnancy, especially low back pain, with 50-80% of women reporting back pain during pregnancy and 50-75% during labor. Not wanting to take medication and unsure of what to do about their pain, many expectant moms just live with it.

Dr. Camastra is certified in Webster Technique and is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Webster Technique is a specific Chiropractic analysis and adjustment that is used during pregnancy to reduce the effects of sacral and sacroiliac joint dysfunction in order to improve the biomechanical function of the sacrum and pelvis. This technique helps to reduce tension in muscles and ligaments in the pelvic region that can cause restrictions on the uterus. Relieving physical stress on the uterus makes its mechanical environment as accommodating as possible, thereby optimizing the room a baby has for development throughout pregnancy. With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in dystocia (abnormal labor or childbirth) and, therefore, results in easier and safer deliveries for both mom and baby.

According to recent studies, women receiving Chiropractic care:

  • Have an easier pregnancy including increased comfort during the third trimester and delivery and reduced need for pain medication.
  • In their first pregnancy, they have a 24% reduction in labor times and those giving birth for the second or third time reported a 39% reduction in shorter labor times.
  • Have a 50% reduced need for analgesics (pain medication) and report relief of back pain during pregnancy with chiropractic care (84% of subjects in the study).
  • Have a significantly less likelihood of back labor (contractions and sharp pain felt in the lower back during labor).
  • Have become more comfortable breastfeeding (posture-wise).
  • Postpartum helps the woman’s body deal with the added stresses that occur as they care for their baby.


We’ve compiled a list of FAQ to address some of the most common questions that our clients ask us.
Is getting chiropractic treatment safe if I am pregnant?
Yes! Chiropractors are specially trained in the care of those who are pregnant. Fortunately, most people who are pregnant can receive chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is a natural alternative treatment that can help to alleviate pregnancy-related pain while also helping the body prepare for delivery, which can reduce stress on the day of the delivery. We utilize specialized techniques and pregnancy pillows that minimize uncomfortable pressure on your abdomen.
Are there targeted chiropractic treatments for pregnant people?

Physical changes that a pregnant person undergoes can cause pressure on the spine. The pelvis also has a chance of becoming misaligned as pelvic joints loosen up in preparation for childbirth. If the pelvis is misaligned, it can impede the baby from entering the correct position for delivery in the case of natural birth, this is a condition known as an intrauterine constraint and can lead to the Cesarean section. The Webster Technique, a chiropractic technique that helps maintain the pelvis and spine in proper alignment may prevent the need for Cesarean delivery. There are other benefits of going to a chiropractor when pregnant, including:

  • Fewer breech births
  • Less nausea
  • Reduced back and neck pain
  • Relief of muscle and joint pain
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved labor outcomes, which includes reduced time in labor and delivery