If you have ever been curious about the colourful and patterned tapes used by athletes all over their joints and injuries, they are called Kinesiology tapes or abbreviated as K-tapes. K-tapes come in different colours, patterns and sizes, and are suited for treating a large variety of muscular

If you are a serious runner, winter is not something you may look forward to. Running on a treadmill never beats the thrill of an outdoor sprint and avoiding winter running can make you rusty come spring race season. So what do you do? Dr. Michelle Camastra, who is certified

A vast majority of people experience headaches once in a while. Being so common, however, there is no real common treatment for headaches, as such a large amount of triggers can cause them. Some people get headaches due to changes in atmospheric pressure, some get them from stress, and others get them because

Most people do not consider visiting a Chiropractor until they have severe pain, but minor pain should be checked out by a specialist as well. This is the best way to prevent persistent pain and keep small problems from becoming major ones. When faced with pain, most people try to endure it and

Jobs that involve physical labour can put workers at greater risk for injury. Lifting heavy equipment, carrying an armload of supplies, pushing, pulling, or exerting force in any way can cause sudden sprains and muscle pulls that can lead to tissue